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life is fleeting. let's create something to remember. 

My name is Jessica, and I will be guiding you through the journey that is planning an amazing event. My heritage is rooted in generations of creative women who made DIY a large part of their livelihood.  I graduated from Penn State University with two degrees in Advertising and Integrative Arts, with a minor in Art History. After graduation, I became a professional (and award winning) graphic designer and photographer, hardcore crafter, and now your future planner. I approach events as the ultimate DIY we can do together.

When I'm not planning an event, I'm spending time with my son, trying different kinds of international foods, baking cupcakes, crafting, or watching artsy films.


Through my experiences, I am able to apply an eye for design, detail, and understanding of how to bring a client's vision to life. Love, Rose is a love letter
to those who want a one of a kind event that is yours and yours alone.

Jessica Grare

Founder & Creative Director

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