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Back to Normal?

Hey everyone! Covid-friendly planner here. With the masses vaccinated, it seems like weddings can go back to normal—sort of. We still have to be careful to make sure that your wedding is not ground zero for infecting those who may have a weaker immune system or are not vaccinated. Let's see what we can do.

Tip 1: Make sure there are single portion finger food options

For your cocktail hour, provide the option for guests to grab foods in pre-distributed glasses or cups. That way you know there were no fingers on the actual food.

Tip 2: Be Unconventional with a Cupcake Tree

Cupcakes are all the rage for those with a sweet tooth. Find a bakery that has some unique flavors and have them stack up on multiple tiers. It is also a way to vary up icing colors and styles, as well as more flavors. Satisfy your traditional side by having your personal cake at the top, for your spoons only.

Photo credit: WeddingWire

Tip 3: Opt for Plated Menu Options

To keep guests safe, venues serve the buffet-style food so not every guest is touching the silverware. Keep it safe and simple by offering a menu with a few options instead. If you go with a venue, they will make sure that they have options for those with dietary restrictions. Meat and fish are the standard go-to's.

Tip 4: Go Outdoors

If your wedding allows you to have a ceremony or cocktail hour outside, take them up on the offer. Make use of the fields, gardens, and patio spaces. The space can be made more welcoming with florals on the outdoor tables, yard games, and space for guests to gather and eat. Fire pits, heating lamps, and a s'mores station are a bonus.

Tip 5: Reassure Your Guests

For guests who are still nervous about attending weddings, be clear on your invites and/or website on the measures you are taking to make sure the wedding is as safe as possible. Due to today's circumstances, you can say it's ok if they decide to not come. There is no pressure. If they want to watch the ceremony from afar, consider live-streaming options. For those who are not vaccinated but still want to attend, mention that masks are recommended in common areas or not at their table. The trick is to nurture safety, empathy, and understanding.


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