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Details Make the Man

There are so many details that go into every aspect of the wedding. For the bride, there is the traditional something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. What about the groom? There is the obvious suit or tuxedo ensemble, but there are many hidden details that can make his outfit even more special and personalized. Please note that if you go through with any of these, I'd recommend telling your photographer about these details so you have a visual record of how you made the outfit special.

Let's dive into some options. Please note that this is not a product endorsement and I am not receiving royalties for any of my links.

Detail #1: The Cufflinks

Most tuxedo rental packages come with button down shirts with French cuffs, meaning that there is no button in the cuff, leaving room for cufflinks. Your tuxedo vendor could supply traditional cufflinks, or you could supply your own. Some bought options include holding pictures, imagery of your favorite sporting team, charms of hobbies and animals, or personalized messages. Personalized cufflinks are my favorite because some vendors can take your handwriting and engrave it onto the surface.

Photo credit: One Memory Lane, LLC

Detail #2: The Tie Clip

The tie clip can be just as customizable as the cufflinks. They can even take the shape of things such as a baseball bat, an arrow, a hockey stick, or bullet, just to name a few. If you go with the original form, you can add engravings or mini charms at the end. If you want to keep it simple but personalized, you can keep the front plain and hide a message on the back facing the shirt.

Photo credit: Dame Creation Design

Detail #3: The Pocket Square

If you decide to buy the pocket squares instead of renting them, you can personalize them with embroidery. You can keep it subtle with initials in a corner or all out with a full note.

Photo credit: Clip a Bow Tie

Detail #4: The Socks

This the opportunity to go fun and funky! Have the groomsmen pick out some wild colors and prints. If you want to go the humorous route, some Etsy vendors allow you to put photos of your face into the design. You can also add puns involving "cold feet" or "property of..."

Photo credit: Bella Bridesmaids

Detail #5: Bracelet, The Watch, or The Pocket Watch

When it comes to bling, you can find it in the bracelet, the watch, or the pocket watch. Find a bracelet that you can gift. There are plenty of options with a metal piece where you can engrave something special. With watches, the special message can be put on the back of the face, serving as a hidden message. For the pocket watch, the engraving can go on the exterior capsule.

Photo credit: Under the Rose, UK

Detail #6: The Wedding Ring

The wedding ring, the symbol of marriage, is the main stars of the show. It reflects on the groom's personality and everlasting love. Usually their bands allow for engraving on the inside. Make sure your photographer gets a nice snapshot of that special detail.

Photo credit: Zales


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