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Disney World Bachelorette at Home

Some brides may not be willing to venture to Orlando for Disney world. That doesn't mean that the magic cannot be experienced locally.

Tip 1: Disney+ Movie Marathon

(Mostly) gone are the days of DVDs. Create a playlist of your favorite Disney movies and let it rip. Add subtitles to make it a sing-a-long.

Photo credit: C-NET

If you want to take your movie watching experience to the next level, you can rent an outdoor theater setup, where they supply the screen and concessions. Glamping rentals are available as well to heighten the seating experience.

Tip 2: Watch Disney Movie Rides in the First Person

Some theme park goers are bold enough to film their ride experiences. This gives you access to Disney rides all around the world. In my opinion, some international versions of rides are better than the ones at Disney World. Prime examples include Pirates of the Caribbean in China and The Haunted Mansion in France.

Tip 3: Cook, Bake, or Buy Park Treats

There's a large community of bakers and cooks that share their take on the Disney park favorites. You can even walk through Target and find the classic Mickey Mouse-shaped ice cream bars.

If you love to cook or bake, find a theme park recipe many bloggers try to emulate. Some of my personal favorites are listed below:

Tip 5: Decorate based on the bride's favorite Disney movie

There's got to be a favorite Disney movie the bride adores! Think of the themes each movie represents. Here are a few surface-level examples:

  • Little Mermaid: Under the sea theme, beach items, seafood platters, mermaid accessories

  • Princess and the Frog: New Orleans theme with creole foods or foods from the Port Orleans Resort

  • Beauty and the Beast: French cuisine, decorating with roses and gold finishes.

  • Aladdin: Mediterranean foods, seat cushions, dried fruit and nut platters

  • Moana: luau theme and use recipes from the Polynesian resort

Tip 6: Dress up!

Ask your guests to wear Disney shirts or get matching attire. Don't forget about your mouse ears!


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