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How to Follow Through on a Theme

During my consultations with couples, I often ask them, "What is your theme?" Many often answer with a vibe, such as "rustic", "glam", or "classic/traditional." However, I'm now asking couples to dig deeper. What do you like to do together? What made you two fall in love? What hobbies do you share? That, my friends, is a way to generate a theme that is truly yours. For example, if you two bond over board games, you can name the tables off of games you like, implement game pieces into the decor, take Scrabble letters and make signage, etc. However, the task can seem daunting because it is going above and beyond the ask of a florist or traditional decorator. It takes some digging and initiative to seek out those extra accents to make your theme YOUR theme. Let's break it down a little so you can navigate.

Step 1: Go to Pinterest

I know, I know, it's cliché, but hear me out. Odds are that someone has already made or attempted something similar to what you are looking for. Pin away, categorize your pins, and let your imagination run wild. Pinterest also has a tool where you can shop directly from the pins. Enable the shop filter to see some product listings.

Step 2: Find a Designer

Minted, Zazzle, Zola, and many others dominate the marketplace for affordable invitations. Not to discount them, but you would be looking for that exact design to match your theme. You have to flex your theme to what they have. If you have some budget to spare, invest in a boutique design company, a calligrapher, an illustrator or painter, or graphic designer. It's a way to support small businesses, work one on one with getting exactly what you want, and have it 100% match your vision. If you want something more affordable, try Etsy. They specialize in niche products and the odds are that they will have what you're looking for or potentially make something custom.

Step 3: Rent or Create Inventory

Venues can come with their own decorations and setup. Florists have their designated inventory. They may not have extremely particular items that you need for your theme. One route to take is to check out party or furniture rental companies. They add to the ambience of the space and provide specialty lighting. You can even check out Goodwill, antique shops, flea markets, and sales at craft stores to purchase what you need. When in doubt, there's always Amazon. Just make sure that you provide any items to your decorator, florist, and/or venue so it all goes in the right places.

Step 4: Find Unique Talent

In my past posts, I mentioned food trucks and niche food caterers to show up to your event. One thing I did not mention, talent. Disney weddings bring in characters for a bride and groom's special day. Take a page out of their book. For example, if you are doing a Halloween wedding, consider hiring a Rocky Horror shadow cast. Love Fleetwood Mac? Find a tribute band. DJs also have musicians that accompany them during the reception, such as a drummer. It mixes up recorded and live entertainment without paying for a full band.


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