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Maximize Your Floral Bill

Decorating a venue can involve a lot of moving parts. The baseline to your floral needs are sprucing up the ceremony, cocktail, and reception areas. There are also several focal points around the venue that you would want to be decorated. After going through the list of what you need to get done, the bill could get kind of daunting. Fear not for there are some work-arounds to keep your wallet happy.

Turn your wedding arch into your sweetheart table backdrop.

An average ceremony, without too many bells and whistles, would average out to 30 minutes. Once it's over, guests will probably not see those decorations again...unless you get resourceful. Make sure your arch is mobile and staff members can move it to its new spot.

Photo credit: Ruffle Wedding Blog

Bridesmaid bouquets can become an installation piece.

Once a bridesmaid uses a bouquet for the ceremony, it's tossed aside into a random corner. Ask your florist or event staff to turn them into centerpieces or hanging fixtures. If you use hoop bouquets, you have some flexibility turning them into decorations.

Photo credit: 100 layer cake

Take floral pieces placed on columns, tables, welcoming areas, and ceremony areas and move them into your reception space.

If you have flowers on columns, feel free to place them on entryways to the reception entry or flanking a photo booth backdrop. You can also place these pieces at the foot of sweetheart tables or any spots that would make a great photo op.

Photo credit: Flower Shop



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