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Creating memorable
events, with love


Event Packages for the Here and Now

The wedding industry is constantly changing, adapting to the trends and needs couples seek. Plans can change at any second. Love, Rose is here to offer planning and in-house creations that leave you feeling like you never had to compromise. Book a free consultation to see if any of our services work for you.

The Whole
Nine Yards

We will plan your event from start to finish, whether it is at a registered venue or your own backyard. If you choose a non-registered venue, we will bring the venue experience where ever you go.

Fill in
the Gaps

If you already have some vendors booked, but need some help getting the rest together, we will assist you.

Make Your Day

No matter where or how you decide to hold your event, we will help take care of your special day with up to
3 months of additional planning and booking one more vendor.

Have It All Match

Love, Rose prides itself in its strong DIY culture. We can make signage, digital content, illustrations, favors and so much more in-house. This allows for a more cohesive event.


A Word From the Creative Director

What sets Love, Rose apart from the pack is starting with the vision before the analytics. This originates from having a background in graphic design and photography, along with being a descendant of generations of creative women. We believe everyone has a vision, and it's just a matter of expressing it. Clients and vendors are not matched based on kickbacks, but by one's personal taste. Love, Rose will do our best to make sure what you imagined becomes a physical reality.

For our interpersonal relationships, couples are not clients. Vendors are not vendors. Everyone is a collaborator. Every individual involved in an event has their own unique talents to contribute. Love, Rose is not about being the "boss", but being the common thread between several moving elements, making your event as cohesive as possible. 


Love Letters


"Jessica was so creative and helped my husband and I make our vision for our wedding a reality. She was always available when we had questions and met with us several times to go over logistics. Jessica decorated our venue space and it was beyond my expectations and dreams. Jessica created some beautiful handmade pieces for our wedding. She was flexible and open to last minute changes. She was dependable and reliable throughout. Our stress was relieved significantly by her kindness and helpfulness. I would highly recommend her for any of your planning needs!"                        

-Rosbel P.

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