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All That Jazz

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

For a majority of people during the pandemic, they found a new hobby, new workout routines, a reconnection with loved ones, or things to fix around the house. For Daniel and Tatiana, they found love. After being separated by half of the planet—Daniel in the United States and Tatiana in Russia—they were able to be together and get married at Strawberry Hill Mansion.

Amongst the gorgeous views on Baldpate Mountain, they set up a tent with decorations that embodied what a classic white wedding should be. Deb and Dan from Seasons Garden Center provided a lovely medley of white florals and greens, housed in gold vases. For a personal touch, they hung 4x6" photos of themselves on fairy lights, weaved in with greenery above the fireplaces.

Dan is a talented saxophone player who loves jazz music. To share his love of the genre with his guests, a jazz trio, Morrie Louden Group, performed. For the first dance, they performed Frankie Valli's "Can't Take My Eyes Off You", and the couple had a choreographed dance to match. As a surprise to the guests, Daniel brought his saxophone and performed with the band. As Daniel performed and Tatiana cheered him on, you can see a pure sense of happiness radiating from her.

Whether it was the two sharing a moment at their wedding, being captured together in the photos, or dancing together side by side, there were genuine smiles. It goes to show that even during unprecedented times, and when people could have the potential to feel the most isolated, there is the ability to find love.

Planning and blog photos: Love, Rose

Venue: Strawberry Hill Mansion

Event Photographer: Lily and Lime

Flowers: Seasons Garden Center

Band: Morrie Louden Group

Catering: Chez Alice

Rentals: Adam's Rental Company


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