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Family Farm Affair

Many couples seek out rustic venues for their wedding. What if that venue was right in your backyard? Bridgepoint Run Farm, home to three generations of the Johnson family, decided to have a wedding right on their property. Gillian and Dale, the bride and groom, worked tirelessly to make it happen. Their event was the epitome of DIY, and I'll explain why.

Both families pitched in for the entire setup. The rental company simply set up the tent, dropped off the items, and they took it from there. It was deja vu for the family because they were basically replicating a similar wedding in the same location, done over 20 years ago. They played into the ultimate farm fantasy: pumpkin terrarium centerpieces, vases with locally grown stems, a vintage tractor, and a beer truck with four fall related drinks on tap.

One thing that I'm absolutely in love with was how Gillian and Dale handled their first photos together after getting ready. Laura, the photographer, had the perfect phrase for it: the "un-look." It is where the bride and groom are able to get photos together before the ceremony, but they are not able to see each other face to face. It was a team effort to make sure the best photos are taken, spoiler-free to the bride and groom.

To start the festivities, the ceremony started at the top of a large hill, surrounded by lush fields and a herd of cows. With the fields and cows as a backdrop, Gillian's aunt, set up a beautiful pergola, decorated with locally grown flowers and material. For the guests, hay bales were situated amphitheater style, along with happy tears handkerchiefs and lavender pouches placed in a basket by the last row. The bridal party arrived by hay ride and Gillian arrived by a pony-drawn cart.

The cocktail hour was strategically lengthened so that Gillian and Dale could catch up on some photos together, as well as the photos with family and friends. As for the guests, they were treated to a hay ride down the hill and to the tent. From there, they helped themselves to beer on tap, drinks at the bar, and a wide assortment of food provided their family friend, Laurie Woodrick. The reception started with a bang with introductions and a heartwarming first dance. There was also plenty of barbecue food provided by Q Crew. What really stood out to me were the dedication dances, including a mother daughter dance to "Mama" by the Spice Girls and grandma dedication dance to Florence and the Machine's "How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful." One of the biggest crowd pleasers with Garth Brook's "Friends in Low Places." It got the whole party up and singing. For dessert, the guests were treated to a huge spread of sweets, including cupcakes, cannoli dippers, sugar cookies, tarts, and various pastries. Even after being filled up on sweets, the party continued into the night.

Day-of Coordination and blog post images: Love, Rose: Events and Design

Venue: Bridgepoint Run Farm

Florist: Margaret Ferry

Photographer: Laura Vitale Photography (her imagery may be provided at a later date)

Video: KJK Entertainment

Rentals: Berlin Rental Company

Catering: Q Crew BBQ

Hair/Makeup: Kasia Albertson

Apps/Desserts: Laurie Woodrick

Music: DJ Art

Violin and Trio: Nathan Bishop and crew


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