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DIY Backyard Makeover

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

One thing I absolutely adore in the couples that I work with is them having the DIY spirit. With Sara Cook, it was a match made in planner heaven. She came to me frustrated out of her mind with having to reschedule the wedding over and over due to the pandemic. It came to point where she took matters into her own hands: bringing the wedding to her backyard.

When I toured her lakeside home, I can see why her backyard was the best place to go. The house was connected to a beautiful lake, the perfect backdrop for her ceremony. All the pieces and details were acquired, but it was a matter of where it could all go—and being adapted to a backyard. We went through everything and found how to make all of the items work around the backyard. She even had a few things in her arsenal that her original vendor could not provide, such as a ladder with LED letters spelling "LOVE" going down each step. Her then fiancé—now husband—Andrew, was handy with making sure installments were properly set up, including installing their own tent lighting. He was hands on with making sure the house was spic and span.

With couples, I mention that when you book me, you get a DIY buddy. Sara took me up on it. The two of us took an afternoon with my Cricut to make some signage. As I designed and printed, she helped place. It was refreshing to create with others. Before she knew it, the passion to hold the wedding ignited again.

The day of the wedding, it went off without a hitch. The bridal party looked stunning against their lakeside backyard. Guests were treated to delicious finger food and entrees. For dessert, there was a twist. Flanking their cake, they included cider donuts (my favorite!) on spindles and many portions of lobster tail pastries! If guests really wanted to continue pleasing their sweet teeth, there was a s'mores station nearby. It really goes to show that a wedding can be anywhere, anytime, no matter the circumstances. Love always wins.

Day-of coordination and event decorations: Love, Rose: Events and Design

Music: Love of Music

Flowers: Flowers by Candle-lite

Cake: Suzi Cakes

Photographer: Jim Kapinos

Photos by Jim Kapinos:

Photos by Love, Rose:


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