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Rustic Hues & Handmade Accents

As a planner whose friends joke that I live at Michael's, I always admire couples who embody the DIY spirit. For Rosbel and Marlon, they are shining examples of grabbing the bull by the horns and going headfirst into designing all of the decorations, including the centerpieces, cocktail hour decor, and ceremony decor. It was then up to Love, Rose to execute their vision and create a branded theme via table cards, welcome signs, signature drink sign, seating chart, menu headers, and a Reserved sign. With our contributions combined, it resulted in a cohesive, fall themed wedding.

The wedding day was more than a union between two people. It was a union between two families. Marlon has two daughters from a previous marriage, and he had them involved in the ceremony by doing a sand ceremony and a lasso ceremony. All of it was set up on a table near the ceremony fireplace, amongst photos of loved ones who have passed away.

The cocktail hour came into full swing with plenty of appetizers, featuring their favorite drink, The Old Fashioned. Rosbel was far from stingy with her decorations, which included tall pinecone-filled vases with roses and pumpkins emerging from the top. Once it was time for the reception, everyone hit the dance floor to sway to a medley of energetic Latin music. Guests formed large circles around the couple as they danced in the center. And their cake! It was pure art with three tiers covered in icing roses, appropriately matching their color palette. For some extra pizzazz, flowers from the fireplace mantle encompassed the base.

¡Felicidades Rosbel y Marlon! ¡Salud!


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