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What's in the bag? Ep.1

Greetings everyone! I'm starting a new blog segment I'd like to call "What's in the bag?" It is a blog post of curated items that I've put together for bridal celebrations. Have it serve as inspiration as to what to give to your squad. For my first post, I'm featuring a bag of goodies for a Disney themed bachelorette. Please note that I am not getting kickbacks or proceeds for the products that are linked to Amazon.

Item #1: The Minnie Bag

One thing I've learned is that most things with "bridesmaid" written on it get limited use. Look for a bag that they can use on the daily. I searched for Minnie bags before, and Loungefly kept coming up. I'm a HUGE fan of the brand, but their bags come with a $45+ price tag. Here's my workaround:

A few vendors on Amazon have these. For the larger size, it costs about $20. It can also convert into a pocketbook. View the listing here.

Item #2: Customized Water Bottles

Whether you are walking around the parks or taking a hike, a girl has to drink. Treat them to some water bottles with their names and favorite Disney princesses.

Photo credit: Love, Rose; custom product made in-house

Most bottles on Etsy have stock images of the princesses. These cameos are designed by yours truly and provides a mature upgrade to showcasing them. I can do any princess on any bottle. Feel free to message me if you'd like one.

Item 3: Custom Disney Shirts

When it comes to a bachelorette, matching adds some fun and camaraderie to the mix. You can add bridal verbiage, but be prepared that it may not get too many uses. Opt for matching tops, but with a beautiful design.

Photo credit: Love, Rose; custom product made in-house

Item #4 EPCOT Passports

When you and your girls go traveling around the world showcase, have a little book to keep track of your stamps, activities, and foods you tried. If you cannot make it to EPCOT this year, have it serve as a personal journal or way to track your favorite drinks at a local winery. The book interior can be empty to fill with whatever you'd like or stay structured where you can organize your experience line by line.

Photo credit: Love, Rose; custom product made in-house

Item #5 Diamond Pens

If you are using a journal, you definitely need a pen. Make the girls feel royal with some diamond pens. They come in all sorts of colors. You can check out one of the product listings here.


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