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What's in the Bag? Ep. 2

Welcome to another post of "What's in the Bag?" Today, I'm covering something that usually goes unnoticed or left to the last minute: bridal first aid kits. If you are stuck on what to gift your brides, these come in handy. Another perk is that if you are on a budget, you can pick up most of these items from the Dollar Tree or Harmon's. Let's dig in!

Item #1: Pocket aspirin/Advil

You can pick up pocket size packets from the Dollar Tree. They are perfect for last minute cramps, headaches, and muscle aches. Stowe them away for that post-wedding hangover, too. Your future self will thank you.

Item #2: Sewing kit

If you are dancing and flexing a little too much, you're going to need to patch it up. You can find these at the dollar store, too. They usually include thread, needles, safety pins, and a tiny pair of scissors. After a stitch or two, you'll be back on the dance floor.

Item #3: Hand sanitizer

During these crazy COVID times, hand sanitizer is a necessity. Flatten the curve with a handy bottle. If you want something less generic, find some scented ones at Bath and Body Works. You can even buy a cute keychain for them so they can attach it to a bag.

Item #4: Bleach pen

Light colored outfits, drunk guests, and saucy food usually don't mix. There may be some stains that could ruin the outfit. Rush to the bathroom and use a bleach pen. It will isolate and remove the stain without overdoing it with soap and water.

Item #5: Spare mask

If you happen to lose yours or unexpectedly need to put one on, it's good to have a spare.

Item #6: Fashion Tape

When you are dealing with strapless bras, pasties, or anything that could lead to a wardrobe malfunction, you are going to need this.

Item #7: Hairspray

Usually, a good hair stylist would add a TON of product to your hair. If your hair is exposed to the elements, especially rain, you're going to need a hair touch-up. Try Harmon's for a pocket-sized sample so you're not carrying around a whole can. While you're there, pick up some bobby pins and a pocket hair brush. You'll be ready for photos, no matter the time of day.

Item #9: A cute pouch to hold everything

Definitely consider a pouch to consolidate all of your items. It avoids everything getting lost in your purse. Otherwise, you'll have a Mary Poppins bag on your hands, with random, unexpected things coming out of your bag until you find the right item. If you're the bride gifting the first aid kit to your party, it can double as the wrapping.


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