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A Restaurant in Your Backyard

When it comes to backyard weddings, catering comes to mind. Some caterers come with food pre-made or mostly prepped ahead of the wedding. This is great if you want the food to be front and center, ready to be served. There are some restaurants or food companies that can place some of the cooking and baking in the spotlight. This can double as another entertainment showpiece for your wedding and make your backyard feel more like a restaurant.

Idea #1: Hire a pizza truck with a portable stone oven

Instead of getting pies to go, how about pies made on the spot? Some local pizza trucks ask what kind of pie you want, piece it together in front of you, and bake in the stone oven. It's another way to interact with your food and get the pie you want.

Photo credit: Nelly Belly

Idea #2: Do the donuts, but add the machine

Find a vendor that not only provides the donuts, but makes them right in your backyard. For example, the Doughnuttery has a catering option where they will bring a Donut Robot that is a machine that mass produces donuts for spectators.

Photo credit: The Doughnuttery

If you want to take a break from the donut trend but love fried sweets, consider finding a vendor that makes funnel cakes or deep fried oreos in front of your guests.

Idea #3: Hire a bar vendor that looks like a bar

Catering companies normally come with alcohol packages. They would set up on a table or rented furniture for your event. If you want to take it to the next level, hire a vendor that takes a mobile trailer and transforms it into a bar. You will get outlets, TV, and some ambiance.

Photo credit: Porta Party

Idea #4: Rent tasteful furniture

Event rental companies can bring your standard inventory of tables and chairs. Ask them if they have items that are more "glamorous" or "rustic." They may have different pieces to offer. You can also get furniture from designated furniture rental companies. They can be arranged to emulate your type of restaurant or lounge.

Idea #5: Get a barista

If you are big into coffee, find your favorite coffee shop that will set up a table to brew beverages. They may even have some portable coffee machines to add to the experience. If coffee is not your thing, find a vendor that specializes in brewing gourmet teas. If you really want to make it unique, find a bubble tea vendor that caters. They may even have some fun sweets for guests to try.

Hope you found this post helpful for making your backyard celebrations. If you don't know where to begin to get all the up and running, please message me or fill out my form to start the planning process.

*Please note that none of this post is sponsored content.


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